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Understanding The Difference, Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

From a lucid black and white frame, we have outstretched ourselves too far in the world of technology where we could perceive more than what exists. The prevalence of this technology is not a recent affair rather it dates back in 1957. Two of the technologies of the same branch is going to be discussed here. These kinds of technologies drastically changed our viewing experience leaving everyone awestruck. It might seem magical to some, but it isnโ€™t and here we will exert ourselves to elucidate what exactly it is and how it works!!

Itโ€™s apparent from the introductory paragraph that the phrase mentioned in the title is related to the viewing experience. Letโ€™s get into the vertical depth and try to find answers to the questions which made you view this article.

First and foremost, letโ€™s define both the terms and gradually explore its branches in the proceeding sections.๐Ÿ‘‡

What is Augmented Reality?

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Maybe or maybe not, people are familiar that augmented means something which is made greater in size, i.e. to increase. Additionally, reality means something which exists naturally worldwide. Post-merging the words, it forms augmented reality which expounds; increasing or enhancing naturally occurring elements by addition or subtraction of anything eventually making it artificial yet pleasing for visual and auditory receptors.

Application of Augmented reality in the contemporary world โ€“ย 

ย It is presumed that there would be more than a billion of AR users by 2020; thus, tools like ARKit and ARCore has been developed to create AR apps to meet the escalating demands. It has been developed by Apple and Google in the year 2017.ย 

  • AR Apps– Few of the magnificent apps designed so far are as follows:-ย

Gatwick airport passenger app which assists passengers to navigate through AR maps at the airport. Ikea place app is another app that applies you to interpret room space; hence, you calibrate the best place to perch your furniture. This is accomplished by scanning the room and situating the objects in the desired place of the digital room;ย consequently giving us an idea of whether to posit it! Not only that, but there are also certain AR apps through which picking colour for your walls has been made easier. It doesnโ€™t end here, there are beauty apps designed by various companies that apply makeup on the digital face of the customers resulting in less time consumption along with convenience.

  • AR games– Pokรฉmon Go, Ghostbusters world, Kings of pools, Zombies run, Ingress prime, Brickscape, etc. Are a few examples of AR gaming. In numerous games, the primary setup is to go on a venture in the real world and execute the recommended tasks to win.ย 
  • AR movies–ย  Yeah! Directors also affect augmented reality in their movies. These movies are found in abundance and weโ€™re sure you might have watched at least one. Iron man, Avatar, Minority report, Robocop, Top gun, Predator, Terminator, and the list is quite long.
A still from the movie Avatar

Now we know what is augmented reality, letโ€™s go ahead and comprehend the latter topic.

Virtual reality. What is it?

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A kind of existence that is virtual and inexplicable generally engendered by computers in the form of a 3D and realistic image that appears like an actual surrounding. People experience this via VR headsets and other pertinent electronic devices. This might be adjacent or entirely different from reality. Its time have a look at the domains where this technology has been imposed and practised.

Virtual reality gaming- Who doesnโ€™t like gaming? Almost everyone! Right? To the spot, VR gaming equipment acts as a cherry on the cake. In VR gaming the players influence and experience the game environment employing a set of gaming accessories. The primary requirements for VR gaming are VR headsets, Goggles, Sensor equipped gloves, and Game

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controllers. Some of the games you may want to endeavor are Beat sabre, Half-life, No manโ€™s sky and so on!ย  The headsets and other devices are easily available online and offline in the Indian market.

VR applications- The VR apps are not only conceived for games but to serve in various domains, for instance, education, robotics, clinical therapies, social sciences, fine arts, digital marketing, and whatnot. The apps embodying VR are cardboard, oculus, sites in VR, full dive VR, etc.ย 

VR movies- Few of the studios have deliberately induced VR technology to overwhelm the audience giving them a quality experience. Marvel, Disney, Lionsgate, and twentieth-century fox are the ones to stream in VR. Precisely, the movies potent to be streamed in VR are The Lion King, Wild, School of rock, Star Wars, The hunger games, Batman- the animated series, and The Martian.

Poster of the movie Ready Player

PlayStation VR- This is a VR package that includes a bunch of prerequisites for VR gaming. The promising features offered by PlayStation VR are 360-degree vision, 3D audio, built-in mic, 5.7โ€ OLED screen, and 120 frames per second. These attributes make it enticing to the buyers.

At present, you are familiar with the terms,ย 

Last, but not least, letโ€™s quickly summarize the contrasting traits between VR and AR.

Thatโ€™s all for this article, hope you liked and found it helpful. Stay tuned for the upcoming ones!

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